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This site gives 'points' for the various ways people contribute to the FFII's activities. Part of this is just so you know what helps the most, part is to let people calculate their 'score'. Think of points as 'karma'.

You might want to count your points. When you reach 500, you're a real activist. When you reach 5,000 you're an expert and can boast about your activism. When you reach 10,000 you are heading for burnout and need to take it easy. Very few people reach 25,000 and remain sane to tell the story.

Although it's difficult to measure effort, you can convert points into value by estimating that one point is equal to 10 Euro.

During the many years of the software patents directive struggle, we estimate people contributed over 250,000 points of work to keep software patents from becoming law in Europe. It might be much more, we'll never know. Professional lobbyists spent a lot more still.


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